Crew Incentive


By Lizzie

Portfolio run passenger or crew incentives from start to finish. Crew incentives have been a proven way to drive sales of a particular item and are an effective way to promote new products to the front-line sales team. 

We recently came back from hosting the McVitie’s Nibbles crew incentive. This was held for a group of bestselling cabin crew who ventured from all corners of Europe to enjoy the weekend of a lifetime in Marbella. 

We attended crew room visits for McVitie’s across Europe. We visited bases recommended by management that needed a further boost in sales. Many of the bases we visited had a large number of new staff members. We delivered sales training and gave product information to the crew. We also made sure all crew had tasted the products in order to be confident in selling them. The McVitie’s incentive was broadcast throughout the Ryanair network through social media, meetings and the company’s intranet. 

As a result of the Marbella Crew Incentive we saw a significant uplift in results for McVitie’s Nibbles. The incentive was also extended by a further 2 weeks because it was causing so much traction and buzz in the crew rooms across Europe! The chosen winners of the incentive were so happy to be involved and invited. They said it was the best incentive reward they'd ever had!

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