Portfolio started working with Corkers in 2013 and they quickly became our flagship hand cooked crisp brand. The tasty crisps are made with Naturalos – their own variety of potatoes. These are only grown in the rich peaty Cambridgeshire fens and make perfect frying potatoes. 

Our main focus when looking to take Corkers to the skies was that crisps can be a fragile product and we didn’t want them to be crushed or damaged before they reached the customer. It was then that we developed the 35g box to protect the handmade crisps and ensure that they reached each customer safely.

Since partnering with Corkers, we have also developed a 15g sea salt sachet which is ideal for snack boxes and the complimentary market. The size constraints of this small packet meant that customers could be faced with broken crisps when they opened them. To overcome this hurdle, Corkers even select smaller potatoes from the farm – so passengers still get whole crisps in every pack.

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