Bel is one of Portfolios most established, longstanding supplier partners – having worked together for over 10 years. 

Since Portfolio has been Bel’s representative within travel catering, we have included their product range in an wide number of different snack boxes for buy on board for low cost carriers in addition to complimentary for legacy carriers.  

Together, we faced the hurdles of the lengthy packing and distribution process that is standard within the travel industry. We noticed that the quality of the Bel foil wrapped cheese was being compromised due to the nature and length of the supply/distribution chain. 

In order to overcome this issue, we developed the Kiri cheese tub. The Kiri cheese tub went straight on board for a large, long haul complimentary contact. The cheese acted as a component within a snack box and was served as part of a tray set on board. This particular contract was global success and supplied to our customer for over 3 years.

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