Recent Wins

By Jess Sutton

After endless hard work and commitment from the Portfolio team, we are proud to announce some of our most recent new listings on-board a number of airlines:

  • Original, Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream Pringles on Jet2

  • Milkybar Buttons, Snickers (from July 1st) and Salt & Vinegar Pringles (from October) on Ryanair

  • Penn State Pretzels on Qatar

  • Pringles on East Midlands Rail (Rail Gourmet)

  • Pringles on Virgin West Coast from June 11th

Portfolio is continually expanding its’ presence in the travel catering sector, and the above is evidence of that. Get in contact with us if you want a freshen up of your on-board menu, or if you think your product would be perfect to do just that.