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Our team have a combined experience of 80+ years in travel retail. We specialise in getting your product off the ground and into the hands of travelling consumers all over the world. Take a look at our existing portfolio of brands and what we have achieved so far.

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Product development

We know what makes a great travel product and we work to make sure your brand is adapted perfectly to the travel retail market, ensuring you the best chance of success. To find out our top tips for making your product or brand work in the air – get in touch with us today. 

Look over a few of our travel listed brands below. 

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Product listings



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Marketing services

Listing your product on board will provide your brand further exposure and, in some cases, market your brand to millions of passengers taking to the skies each year. The marketing reach gained from being onboard an airline can be phenomenal and it’s a great place to start if you are thinking of launching your brand in new countries. This unique market means you can gauge the popularity of your product in each country before launching in new areas.


Customer presentations

We make customer presentations fun and interesting. We work in collaboration with each travel customer to get to know their passenger profile. We then carefully select and tailor the right products to match each customer’s unique passenger demographic. 




We let customers know when a new product or brand has joined our portfolio. We send our monthly newsletters to our valued customers with news of what is trending and tasty. If you’re a customer that’s keen to know more – sign up to our newsletter here.


Dedicated product manager

We remain an independent Private Limited Company. This gives us flexibility to work with anyone! We are a dynamic, agile team, ready to jump on any request. When you work with us, you will be allocated a dedicated Product Manager. This makes life simple for you and for us.